How is SIRLab different from a typical consultant?

Like traditional consultants, we do begin by understanding the various problems that partner organizations are facing. However, that is our closest point of overlap. Following those initial conversations, we only focus on management problems that do not have existing solutions.


Are there specific countries you work in? 

Our current projects are located in Ghana, Tanzania, & Ethiopia (to learn more, please visit our Current Projects page). However, we are open to working in any country depending on the needs and challenges of our development partners.


Is there a particular type of problem or sector you focus on? 

No. Our projects involve many different sectors, including agriculture, education, consumer packaged goods, etc. However, the particular problem must be within the scope of a ‘management problem’ – thus issues related to strategy, operations, microfinance, etc. Problems of a technical nature (i.e. agricultural practices, animal husbandry, etc.) are outside of the scope of our expertise.


How do I go about joining as a SIRLab development partner or researcher? 

Let’s start a conversation! Please either leave a reply or send us a note using the information on our Contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible to learn more about your particular interest in working with SIRLab.