Welcome to the Social Innovation Research Lab! SIRLab is an international network of scholars, with expertise in organizational management and a passion for poverty alleviation, that partner with development organizations to solve their challenges. More specifically, we work with organizations that are leveraging market-based solutions to poverty and express challenges that are both theoretically interesting and pressing to the organization. With a team of international and local scholars, SIRLab develops a pilot study to address those challenges, directly helping the development organization affect positive social change and contributing to our broader understanding of market-based approaches to poverty alleviation.

Updates on our current projects, located in Ghana and Ethiopia, will be available later this month. Until then, we welcome you to browse our site to learn more about SIRLab. Lastly, be sure to follow SIRLab on Twitter (@SIR_Lab), as we will announce project updates, resource publications, and much more!

SIRLab Team